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“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

- Isa Holmgren

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Design by 23One is a specialist WordPress Design Agency who provide high quality website designs for companies from sole traders who require a small site to showcase there services to large commercial companies with Woocommerce and Online Marketing requirements.

Each design is as unique as the client and created to their individual needs and market. During the design process it will be established with the client the following goal:- target market, unique service, selling points, marketing tips, SEO content optimisation to advance in search engine ranking.

All design services come with free support to help the client make the transition to WordPress a pain free experience during the design process and beyond.

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Designer with over 25 years experience in the Design Industry, started as a Graphic Designer creating artwork for print, now a Freelance Designer creating WordPress Websites for companies throughout the UK.

Gary D. Fearnley

Growth. Innovation. Trust

The current rate of growth on the internet is more than 11 users per second, or 1 million users each day, users of the internet now make 57% of the global population. That translates to about 4.4 billion users, that’s 9% growth since 2018.


Great advances have been made in the way we now view internet pages with mobile devices currently accounting for half of the global web pages viewed.


All sites produced by 23one are Responsive which means they are optomised for all devices including desk top, hand held and mobiles.